Myfanwy, Pronounced Like Tiffany

A Review of The Rook, by Daniel O’Malley

A sci-fi/fantasy/horror story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It centers around a secret branch of the British government (the Checquy) which fights supernatural threats to the nation. The protagonist has lost her memory and needs to find the culprit, a traitor among the Checquy . . .

Let’s check out the books with teeth checklist.

  1. Awesome characters that walk and talk and act like real people. Yes. BOTH Myfanwy Thomases have a wonderful wry sense of humor, and I want both of them to be my best friend.
  2. These awesome characters include some empowered females who do not need to be saved by men, and though they may have weak moments (don’t we all?), they use their awesome empowered female force of will to overcome them. Myfanwy not only has enviable super mind powers, she resists the temptation of falling for any of the men in the story. Which is fairly easy, because many of the men are somewhat undesirable. Like they are multi-bodied organisms with a hive-mind that tend to strangle the help.
  3. Awesome plots which are original and interesting. Yes.
  4. Not sickly sweet, generally avoids having a moral. Yes. And if it did have a moral, it would be something interesting, like, “if you find out in advance that you are going to lose your memory, you’d better be really organized.”
  5. Talks intelligently about interesting questions. What creates your personality? What kind of person would you be if you lost every memory you have? If you lose prejudices along with your memory, is it worth it? To you? To your country? Could our institutions use some people with a clean slate for a memory (as long as they were well prepared with purple binders)?
  6. Has punctuation. Yes, and well-constructed sentences, and good grammar, and all other qualifications of being a book!

Books with teeth rating: 5/5 stars.