Books with teeth

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Who am I?

I’m currently a student teacher in the fifth grade, and love sharing books with my students. I also love reading and writing, and took the name “Underground Reader” from Donalyn Miller’s fantastic book about teaching reading, “The Book Whisperer.” Underground readers, according to Ms. Miller, “just want to read and for the teacher to get out of the way and let them.” I always felt that education was getting in the way of my reading, and now that I’m studying teaching, I realize how much of a crime that is. As a teacher, I aspire to make independent reading of books students enjoy central to my classroom.

What is a Book with Teeth?

In general, it’s a book that I like.

More specifically?

A book with teeth has

  • Awesome characters that walk and talk and act like real people.
  • These awesome characters include some empowered females who do not need to be saved by men, and though they may have weak moments (don’t we all?), they use their awesome empowered female force of will to overcome them.
  • Awesome plots which are original and interesting.
  • Not sickly sweet, generally avoids having a moral.
  • Talks intelligently about interesting questions.
  • Has punctuation. (Leaving out punctuation does not make you cool or modern. Neither does weird font, or writing a book that has to be held up to a mirror to be read.)

To understand a book with teeth, it may help to understand a toothless book (or books I don’t like) . . .

  • Characters are nothing like real people, boring, robotic . . .
  • Female characters are saved by men and have no significant roles.
  • Female characters get distracted from more interesting business by a love interest.
  • Sickly sweet, moralizing, tear-jerking children books (or adult books, but people seem to particularly enjoy inflicting children with books like this).
  • Slice of life books: any book for adults that focuses on the miserable happenings of day to day existence and focuses on the futile struggle to break free of the rat race. Come on, we’re all living it, we don’t want to read about it.
  • Books without punctuation.

This blog contains reviews of books that I like: books with teeth.